7 Ways To Eat Cheap In The City

Eating out is very expensive. I’m not big on eating out but when you’re in the city, you can’t avoid it.

Moderation is the key to saving money when eating out. Don’t eat out often. If you do find yourself in a situation where you have to eat out, here are some tips for saving some money.

1. Lay off the gourmet coffee.
After wasting hundreds of dollars to Starbucks, I learned to like regular coffee.

2. Grab snacks from a convenience store instead of a restaurant.
Stop by the local 7-11 and grab a hot dog. They’re delicious, fast, and it saves you a lot of money.

3. Check out eateries farther from the city’s center.
Get a little workout and walk away from the city to find cheaper food.

4. Split entrees with another person.
It keeps your wallet fatter and your waistline thinner.

5. Bring coupons.
There are websites that allow you to print out coupons to restaurants. You can also clip them from various local publications and newspapers.

6. Get food to-go instead of dining in.
You can save money by not having to pay for tips. Plus you can save more money by going to a convenience store for your drink.

7. Bring food from home.
Yeah I know this doesn’t save you money when you eat out. Consider this a preventative step. When I go into the city, I like to graze on peanuts and protein bars brought from home. This saves me the most money of all of the tips listed.

Using these tips, I’ve spend about $15-$30 dollars a month eating out. Tip #2 and #7 especially keeps more money in your wallet.…